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Amplifying consumer established beliefs is a less expensive manner to expand brand awareness and trial. Even undesired beliefs should be taken into consideration and be part of innovative propositions.


• Building the tea category for Leão Fuze TM.
Take advantage of organic values of Leão TM and of the tea category in Brazil to build and expand tea consumption. Deep understanding of the lack of rational and contemporary meaning for the tea category as opposed to isolated strong, emotional and traditional meanings of the category for consumers.
Understanding how the organic capital of Leão TM and Fuze Tea TM could connect those meanings and unify the consumption of ready and non ready to drink tea.
Study of the residual iconographies of the tea category, and of Leão TM and Fuze brands. Investigation of the consumer needs the tea category fulfills and the main codes of consumer adoption and rejection.
Creating a single benefit for the category by merging organic values and new value proposals.
Numbering and prioritizing the Company ́s capability development to meet the strategic goals of category building.
Training the sales team and co-hosting innovation workshop that led to packaging and product innovation in the short term.
Revision of the Global Fuze Tea Brand Value Architecture in Brazil together with the Communication Team.

• Building specialness and premiumness for Coca-Cola TM
Mitigation of established specialness concept based on status. Coca-Cola TM should find its way to specialness and premiuness by amplifying its core values of indulgence,

Coke Thirst Project (Global Marketing and Insights Best Practice 2014/2015)
Bringing intrinsics back to Coke communication and operational execution to recover the emotional pleasure of drinking a Coke, in a time product ingredients and trial are highly under scrutiny.
The aesthetics of 10 types of Coke thirst - language approaches to express product emotional and social values while communicating non-intrinsic values.
Impacts on BU business plan and Global Taste The Feeling Campaign

simplicity and easy access. Adaption of consumer trends connected to experience and life enjoyment to shape platforms of product, service and communication innovation.

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