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In a context most relevant brands represent services that are highly connected to consumer needs, FMGC brands cannot afford not to communicate the problems they really solve and cannot afford not to innovate to better approach the consumer problems they are expected to solve. Category basics should be mapped, reframed if necessary, and lead communication and innovation.


  • Coke Thirst Project (Global Marketing and Insights Best Practice 2014/2015)

       Bringing intrinsics back to Coke communication and operational execution to recover the emotional pleasure of drinking a Coke, in a time                product ingredients and trial are highly under scrutiny.
       The aesthetics of 10 types of Coke thirst - language approaches to express product emotional and social values while communicating non-                intrinsic values.
       Impacts on BU business plan and Global Taste The Feeling Campaign

  • Dairy and Coffee Launch: designing The Coca-Cola Company ́s entry to new categories together with the brand team (insights, calibration of brand positioning, hierarchy of attributes)- by reinforcing, through innovation, the core and traditional deliverable of categories.

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